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Please read some of the reviews that our patients have given our Hampton Roads dental practice in the following areas:

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Cosmetic Dental Testimonials

“Before I came to see Dr. Samaha I hadn’t been to a dentist in 16 years. My teeth were in a really bad condition and I was embarrassed about the way they looked. The pain would come and go but finally got so bad I knew I had to do something. After searching the internet for a dentist Dr. Samaha seemed like the best choice. Within the first visit the pain was gone. After just a few visits I have a smile I can be proud of. The results are better than I could have imagined.”

—Mike Overman, Newport News

Woman of God, you have a spirit of excellence. You see it everywhere. The spirit of the Lord is in this place!

—Lisa R, Newport News

Dr. Samaha and staff, you are angels and there is no other office to match or even come close to you all. May God continue to bless each and every one of you as you bless ours. I thank God for you all and for this opportunity but the words “thank you” seem too simple to express the thanksgiving in my heart. Oct. 28, 2009

—Terri C, RN, Williamsburg

I’d wake up every morning feeling like I had been keeping a dark secret because of my dental neglect.

NOW: I wake up without feeling I have to face the secret. I can just relax. I know I am in great and loving care.

—Terry S. Newport News, VA

I have to tell you that since moving to Utah, I’ve got a very nice female dentist, but I’ve never managed to find someone like you or a practice like you’ve created.  Your creation of your business vision has always inspired me, and I keep it in mind as a model of how you can take ANY business and create excellence and a fabulous customer experience.

—Elise Fee, Utah

How could I possibly comment on one person when the whole staff is awesome? As you know, going to the dentist is stressful for so many of us. I don’t know how you folks could make it any easier. I’ve already share this information with someone today and told her, “Dr Samaha and the entire office are so worth the drive.” And for us, it’s a drive-about a 7 hour round trip. My family has been bugging me for months to do something about my chewing problems because it has made my body’s attempts to heal itself of its cancer so much more challenging but I am SO glad I procrastinated because I would have missed the opportunity to work with the best dentist on the East Coast –and probably farther. Love and appreciation to each and every one of you. And, by the way I know you all stayed late for me and how can I find the words to express my gratitude.

—Kathleen Wacholtz, Amherst, VA

“Ever since Dr Samaha began taking care of my aggressive periodontal disease, I have been feeling much stronger all over my body and the pain in my seriously arthritic knees has decreased significantly. Due to her encouragement and the quality time she has spent with me helping me better understand my disease, I quit my 30 year smoking habit the day after treatment began! It was quite amazing! Before my treatment began, my pain level in my mouth and my knees was a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Now, only two weeks after my treatment began, my pain has decreased to a 3 or 4. The dramatic decrease in infection and inflammation in my body has been critically important in my preparation for my upcoming knee replacement surgery. I had already ruined my first set of knee replacements and now must have a new set. Dr Samaha has stressed how important it is to keep myself free of periodontal disease in order to regain and preserve the health not only of my knees, but of my entire body. She is an amazing woman and a deeply caring doctor. She has transformed my health and my life.”

—Melvin Sykes, Newport News, VA

“Dr Samaha, your office is so beautiful and comfortable. Now that I have been with you, and seen and experienced how dental care can be, I compare every other medical professional to you! And there truly is no comparison! I have always been treated so extremely professionally and so nicely by you and every member of the office staff.”

—Debbie Wetmore, Hampton, VA

“I have often thought, ‘How would I describe the perfect dentist and dental practice?’ Well it would have to be a clone of Dr Samaha and her operation! She is not only willing to explain, but to LISTEN. She is open to new ideas and has a high-tech approach combined with high-touch that is so often lacking in health care. She gets my highest recommendation!”

—Howard Weiland, Charlottesville, VA

“Dr. Samaha, thank you again for the superb work you have done in rebuilding my smile. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. And I very much appreciate your (and your staff’s) caring and sensitivity. Judy’s comment when I arrived home was ‘gorgeous, beautiful.’ You offer total, comprehensive excellence.You and your staff inspire confidence.”

—Paul Masoner, Virginia Beach, VA

“In 2003 we enjoyed many of God’s graces and blessings. You have played an extraordinary part in these blessings with your heart, hands and soul, you gave me a smile that I can be proud of for the first time in 59 years. I have never had teeth to be proud of; you gave me a smile that is so wonderful! Now I can’t even find the words to show my appreciation. You have a wonderful staff, too. They are special women.”

—Sally Sullivan, Newport News, VA

“Thanks so much for once again, giving me innovative, compassionate and quality dental care. You all are the best! Dr. Lisa, thanks for pushing the technological envelope with artistry and responsibility. None of you can retire until I die!”

—Nancy Howard, Newport News, VA

“How shall I say words that may seem dramatic about teeth? I know how to feel about them’ they will never again be just mine; they will be yours and mine. You always seem to go beyond your grasp until you reach and catch up with yourself. ‘Yourself’ is always there and you take time and care to consult that self who carries the need for art and beauty to reach from your hands to our need for healthy and lovely smiles. What a great gift you have to give to all who are lucky enough to stroll down the path the ends in you.”

—Margie Burns, Dallas, Texas

“Dr. Samaha, if I had been able to grow another set of teeth, they would not be as lovely or felt anymore natural than the ones you fashioned for me. Your dedicated workmanship and artistry will be with me the rest of my life. Although seemingly accidental, I believe divine guidance led me to your doorstep.”

—Patricia Flynn, Newport News, VA

“Dr. Samaha completely transformed my life when she created my smile. I had grown up with deformities in all my permanent teeth so they became rotten when I was a kid. My folks couldn’t afford to get them fixed when I was a child and I was too embarrassed to even try to get a good job. And I NEVER smiled. My teeth were hideous even for me to look at. And I felt sick all the time.

Just to give you an idea of how low my self-esteem was, my nickname growing up was ‘weasel boy’ and I even used it as my online name until recently when, at the age of 27 I felt like I finally became a man. The night after I got my new smile, and for the first time in my life, a girl ‘hit on me’ while I was in Home Depot! Needless to say, I felt like a new guy with a new lease on life. From that point on, everything in my life opened up. I got a great job as manager of the framing department at one of the best known art supply stores in the region, and I got a lot of dates! I never knew life could be so sweet. Everyone needs someone to believe in them and care about them like Dr. Samaha and her awesome team. They always treated me with loads of respect, even when I didn’t respect myself.”

—Rich Sines, Montana

“After having my daughter four years ago, I was plagued with cavities and malnourished gums. I went to my ‘family dentist’ of many years to resolve the issues following my pregnancy. Unhappy not only with the looks of my new fillings, but also the general discomfort and irritation. As is the standard with most other dentists, I was treated with antiquated technologies including a mouth full of mercury (gasp!) silver fillings. I called upon Dr. Samaha after reading about her in a magazine.

What a blessing it has been! From my first visit, Dr. Samaha was amazingly caring and thorough, not only in exploring my dental health, but my overall physical health. She performed a totally natural looking makeover rejuvenating my upper teeth, as well as cosmetic whitening of my lowers. Of course, having a bright, white smile is something to smile about, but it is invaluable knowing that I have really healthy teeth and gums as well!

Now my husband and daughter go to Dr. Samaha for regular dental exams and cleanings and I couldn’t be happier to have a dentist who is knowledgeable and truly compassionate as Dr. Samaha. It is great having a dentist I can totally trust for myself and my family.”

—Janna Posey Matherly, Yorktown, VA

“I love to smile! I used to feel embarrassed by the way my teeth looked. Since I was a teenager it has been a dream of mine to brighten and fix my teeth. I had a lot of patchwork dentistry done over the years. Dr. Samaha completely revitalized my entire mouth. Since she helped make my dream come true, I feel healthier and more confident in my smile. It has brightened up my whole personality.

I am so pleased with Dr. Samaha’s gentle and compassionate care and that of her entire team. I am always treated with their total respect and attention. I had done a lot of searching for a cosmetic dentist, and I am thrilled with my choice of Dr. Samaha. She is a talented doctor who has invested heavily in state-of-the-art education and technology. Being an accomplished fine artist herself was a big plus in my decision. She not only gave me the natural white teeth I have always wanted, but she corrected all the dental health problems. I highly recommend her to everyone! I even encouraged my son to start his treatment with Dr. Samaha and the results are fantastic!”

—Layla Shaheen, Hampton, VA

“Owning a business and interacting with people on a personal basis every day, I finally realized my persistent bad breath and years of neglect had to end. I was fortunate to be lead to Dr. Samaha. Her care spoke for itself after seeing my Mom’s amazing results.

During the most comprehensive dental examination I have ever had, many areas of severe disease were discovered. From then on, the rest was a snap. It was clear that immediate treatment was needed. As a result of Dr. Samaha’s expertise and careful planning, years of damage and disease were taken care of in just a few visits.

My new smile has given me a boost of confidence in dealing face to face with my clients and in my personal life. Being confident in yourself is a big factor in the ‘what it takes to succeed’ formula. This confidence in myself is what gives my clients the trust necessary to allow me to handle one of the biggest investments of their lives; their homes. After a full reconstruction of both my upper and lower arches, my gums became amazingly healthy, the bad breath disappeared and most importantly, my smile was set free!”

—Waseem Shaheen, Hampton, VA

“Dr Samaha, when I came to you several months ago, I had never met you and knew nothing about your dental practice except what I read on your website. I decided, however, after our consultation meeting, to follow your recommendations. I came to recognize how wonderfully gifted and talented you are. You have taken all the wonderful artistic and personal gifts God has given you and woven them into your dental practice. You, Dr. Samaha, have given me a smile that has been the lifelong desire of my heart! I am thrilled with the results! I want to thank you and your entire staff for such a wonderful gift – the ability to smile without being self-conscious. I thank each of you for the acts of compassion, kindness and patience. You will always have my highest recommendation. It has also has been a blessing to get to know you as a friend as well. May God continue to bless you as you bring the blessing of a beautiful smile to others.”

—Aloma Hudson, Newport News, VA

“For 60+ years I have been wanting to have my upper teeth straighter. As I grew older, my front teeth became more crooked and I found that I tended to cover my mouth when I smiled and I NEVER smiled for pictures! Today I experienced a miracle. My teeth are straight and I have a beautiful smile! Dr. Samaha transformed my mouth in just a few hours! The comforting, welcoming staff, the warm neck roll and blanket as well as the soothing music and view into the Asian garden had a calming effect. Then the transformation began. Before I even new it, the procedure was over! What a wonderful day- and the best is yet to come when my permanent restorations arrive! Words cannot express my joy and happiness-but my new smile can!! Thank you, Dr S.”

—Arlyene Lusk, Newport News, VA

“Seeing Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha’s artistry and passionate dedication to perfection when she was a student in my watercolor painting class convinced me that I had to have her as my dentist. In the years that I’ve been her patient I’ve seen so many examples of her skill, her precision, her ability to combine balance and beauty with the most advanced levels of care. As an artist myself I expect a lot, and my expectations have been exceeded year after year. I cherish my relationship with her and every member of her team.”

—Jan Ledbetter, Kingsmill, Williamsburg, VA

“I’ve always dreaded going to the dentist but I knew it was going to click with Dr. Samaha when she took the time to explain all the options for the major dental work I needed. My confidence grew when I saw the state-of-the-art technology filling her office and learned that she teaches other dentists. She knew the best techniques to get my extensive treatment done a lot faster and more comfortably than I expected, and the results were just great. Dr. Samaha and her team are friendly, enthusiastic and obviously dedicated to giving their patients the best care with the most comfort. She did a wonderful job for me!”

—Dave Ledbetter, Kingsmill, Williamsburg, VA

“I just can’t begin to thank you enough for just how much you have inspired me this past year. Your warmth and kindness you’ve shared and your talents seem to just go on. I never dreamed I that I would ever find a dentist who is not only excellent in your field, but has made me feel so worthwhile as a patient and human being. We need more like you. I hope you never leave this area.”

—Alice O., Gloucester, VA

“Coming to you is more pleasant than a dental experience should be!”

—Laurie M., Newport News, VA

“I was so impressed w your relationship and manners with your staff, all the thank yous. It is so eloquent. You are very appreciative of them.”

—Joyce P., Williamsburg, VA

“Dr. Samaha is the most caring dentist I have ever had and every member of the staff was not only professional, but personable and caring.”

—Mary B., Detroit, Michigan

“I don’t believe you can receive better, more high-tech care anywhere in the U.S.!”

—Jon J., Memphis, TN

“I can tell that something magnificent happened in my mouth yesterday!”

—Carole Ellers, Charlotte, NC

“Each person at Port Warwick Dental Arts offered such a genuine, sincere embrace! My experiences there are all breathtaking!”

—Laurel Gregory, Newport News, VA

“Dr Samaha is not just a dentist. She is a dental artist!”

—Eddie Sturgill, Newport News, VA

“Your office is a beautiful retreat away from the hardworking world. I almost forgot I was in a place I used to dread coming to a dental office!”

—Shannon Alston, Poquoson, VA

“Coming to this office is an amazing experience! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in every respect. I see it as soon as I walk in the door and especially as I sit in ‘the chair’. I appreciate the views through the windows and even more, I appreciate your amazing skill and care, Dr Samaha, in every situation.”

—Marnah L., Williamsburg, VA

“Your practice is an inspiration to me. I am so blessed to have found you and your staff. The new facility is amazing!”

—Erica Weiland, Charlottesville, VA

“Your level of professionalism and courtesy is unmatched, Dr. Samaha.”

—Jay D, Hampton, VA

“To have you in my family’s life is a true blessing. You are a gifted artist and dentist. I can’t thank you enough for saving my beautiful child’s smile and making our lives better through your magical healing touch. We love you and your wonderful team of angels. From our hearts to yours.”

—Mary Pat Telsted, Newport News, VA

“Dr. Samaha, I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I am so very thrilled with the care done to my mouth. It is so very beautiful. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I would like to thank your staff also. They are all so wonderful and made me feel so relaxed. They also made me feel like I was very special and I thank them very much. Your generosity touches my heart. May God bless each and every one of you.”

—Dorothy Jones, Newport News, VA

“So far it is a beautiful day. The weather report is for snow tomorrow and I can just picture the view outside your office window. It really blessed me when you shared that you and your staff make an effort to begin your day with prayer. Like I said, many of your patients probably don’t know what a blessing they are receiving. I am very thankful that I know you. Again, thank you for your note. It was the most precious note I have ever received and it touched me so much. I am blessed to share that special deposit of Christ that is so evident in you.”

—Aloma Hudson, Newport News, VA

“I always showed too much of my gums when I smiled—and I love to smile! Because I love to smile really big, it was hard to look at myself in pictures. My teeth looked tiny and my gums looked big. They took over my teeth!

A few years ago I spent a lot of money with another dentist who did porcelain veneers for me. But it didn’t help with the gums. Immediately when I came to you for a consult, you knew what to do to make it right. And in no time at all, you gave me a brand new smile! Thank you so much, Dr Samaha—right in time for my wedding! Now I can hardly wait to see myself in my pictures! Thanks for your artistic eye and your dental expertise, Dr. Samaha. I am so grateful.”

—Catie Hankins, Newport News, VA

“Dr. Lisa, you will never know how much you have changed my life! I went from a life of shame because of my teeth to one of absolute pride. It all happened in such a short amount of time! It was like I just woke up one day and the years of disease and fear were gone. Instead, I had a fresh, new, absolutely beautiful smile!

You mean so much to me, Dr. Lisa. The world is truly blessed to have you in it!!

I never knew that going to the dentist could be such an awesome experience! You are an artist in every sense of the word.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

—Coco Pauley, Newport News, VA

“Dr. Samaha, I want to tell my story in hopes that someone who has had dental problems like mine will be helped. As you know, I was brought up on well water with no fluoride. To make matters worse, I was never taught proper dental care and only saw a dentist for the second time in my life at age thirteen. I had six cavities fixed and was told that even at such a young age, I had receding gums.

Due to our family circumstances, I did not get to go back to the dentist for many more years. My front teeth especially looked rotten at the gumline and had decayed so much that I wouldn’t ever smile.

At the age of twenty-two, I couldn’t stand it anymore and went to a dentist who allowed me to set up a payment plan. By the age of twenty four, and several thousand dollars later, I had all of my teeth ‘fixed’. Problem was, the real problems were never fixed. The half-tooth plastic repairs led to lines in my front teeth and my gumline was inflamed and red all the time. My gums kept receding. I stopped smiling for another 5 years.

At age 32, I decided it was time to take real action. I went to see two other dentists and left each one without going back. Then I heard about Dr. Samaha. She was the first person to address my gum disease and stop the problem! I trusted her from the start. We met to discuss options and finally went forward with a complete reconstruction of my entire mouth. I soon had my new grin–just in time for my wedding day and ever since, I have not been able to stop smiling! I take special supplements to keep my gums healthy and my great smile keeps me so motivated that I can’t help but take incredible care of my mouth. Although I spent thousands of dollars to have it done, getting a phenomenal, strong and healthy smile was the best investment I have ever made.

I can’t even imagine going back to the time I felt so hopeless and insecure about my looks because of my dental condition.

Dr. Samaha, you are the first dentist that I have ever met who actually cares about me. My entire life improved in amazing ways because I became self-confident and for the first time and learned what it was like to have self-esteem–not to mention the BEST SMILE ON THE PLANET!!!

I hope there are others who can learn from my misguided experiences. Take action now! Your life will improve beyond anything you can imagine! I totally recommend you to everyone, Dr. Samaha. No one else will EVER touch my smile!!”

—Jason Mitchell, Portsmouth, VA

“From the first day I walked into her office, I was impressed with Dr. Samaha and her team. Dr. Samaha is a perfectionist when it comes to smiles. She has given me a great smile—something I have not had for many years even before I got my first dentures. That was well over 10 years ago. I smiled with a closed mouth for so long that when I received my new dentures from Dr Samaha, I had to completely relearn how to smile so that I could enjoy showing my beautiful teeth. In a matter of weeks, Dr. Samaha erased 10 years off my age—better than any face lift—and painless, too! I not only look, but feel 10 years younger. Even more exciting is that I can finally enjoy socializing with friends again—eating in comfort and with total confidence.”

—Ingrid Sanders, Newport News, VA

Periodontal & Gum Disease Testimonials

“A visit to the dentist used to fill me with anticipated dread and pain. Then I heard of Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha who had been using a ‘holistic’ approach in her practice of dentistry for nearly 25 years. I decided that I must schedule an appointment with her. Nothing could have prepared me for such a beautiful experience! This petite, gentle dentist turned out to be a professional, caring, compassionate genius. Her holistic approach included the concept of caring for the whole individual, including individualized patient education, prevention and treatment strategies.

One of her most significant advancements for me is her periodontal treatment program which ultilizes pain-free laser therapy to treat gum disease. She is also a magnificent cosmetic dentist!

Thanks Dr. Samaha! My total health has greatly improved using your healing interventions, knowledge, expertise and your visible connection to our Creator.”

—Theora M. Marx RN, Owner, Granma T’s Holistic Health Center, Newport News, VA

“We have gone to the same two dentists for 42 years, every six months, without fail. We never eve missed. We had just gotten our teeth ‘cleaned’ two weeks before we saw you. Thanks to a generous gift certificate I received from a church auction, I scheduled an appointment to see about having a crown done. My husband and I were not prepared for what you discovered as we ‘toured’ my mouth with your special magnifying camera. Not only did you find many fractured teeth and fillings, we saw that my gums were diseased. I never knew any of this. I was shocked and pretty discouraged, yet I am confident that you have the expertise to properly help me reconstruct my dental health. After all, if a problem isn’t diagnosed, it can’t be treated. I am so appreciative that I ended up in your capable hands, Dr. Samaha. I can hardly wait to complete my treatment and smile with confidence again.

My husband is also anxiously awaiting the chance to complete his much-needed care as well. It is astonishing and very disturbing to see how much periodontal disease we had but never were told about.

We can already tell your care will help us live healthier, longer lives and the huge improvement in our smiles will be a bonus!”

—Mrs. Reynolds, Newport News, VA

“I am 37 years old and been suffering for 7 years with severe and often debilitating joint pain. At age 32, I was finally diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthritis. I have lived inconstant pain every day until recently. Some mornings I was hurting so badly I couldn’t even move.

With the help of a variety of physicians I had tackled everything but my dental health. That was the last thing to do and I am so glad my cousin referred me to you. You diagnosed periodontal disease and told me how it increases the severity of myRA symptoms. And you were right! Once you treated my periodontal disease, I got the relief I had been searching for for years! The specific nutrients you recommended were a life-saver and as I have seen the transformation in my gums, I have felt the transformation in my body. My gums don’t bleed anymore and my energy level is fantastic! I haven’t felt this good in years!! Because of you, I have begun taking multivitamins for the first time in my life, along with the nutrients specifically made for my periodontal health. Dr. Samaha, you have really motivated me in a way that no one else in my life ever has. I can’t thank you enough!

I am so glad you are teaching my children the skills they need to have to be free of cavities and periodontal disease throughout their lifetimes! We all take our dental health very seriously now. Thank you, Dr. Samaha. You are a lifesaver!”

—Marni Longacre, Newport News, VA

Migraine & Headache Treatment Testimonials

“Before Dr Samaha fitted me with an NTI bite guard I had headaches and neck pain daily. I wasn’t aware that I was grinding my teeth but the evidence was there and it was severe. I was able to sleep comfortably right away and woke up feeling refreshed, and no headache! I won’t go to bed without it! My life has felt so different since I started wearing my NTI, I haven’t had a headache since, I feel great!”

—Doris Thomas, Williamsburg, VA

“Dr. Samaha,
Thank you so much for your advice and for taking time out of your busy schedule to order my prescriptions. In less than 24 hours, I have gone from extreme pain to pain free, just in time for Thanksgiving! I was so worried my holiday would be ruined (I couldn’t eat anything but smoothies, and even that was painful)! Thanks to you, I even had girlfriends come over tonight and have chips and dip! I am totally back to normal and I am just so happy. You gave me my health back and I am back to my old self. I can’t thank you enough! I went to the Doctors twice and you cured me over the phone! You are amazing!
Sincerely, ”


“My Physician referred me to Dr. Samaha for evaluation and treatment of my daily migraines and TMJ pain because he could not help me. Medications were unsuccessful at keeping me comfortable. I used to awaken every morning in pain. I also felt highly stressed all day long. My jaws, my entire face and my neck and shoulders felt tight and hurt all the time. I even had terrible muscle spasms which would come and go throughout the day.

Within days of having Dr. Samaha treat me for migraines, I was more rested and relaxed. My face was not sore and I had minimal back, neck and shoulder pain. Over the past three years since that time, I have been a faithful wearer of the little device that she made for me.

Because of Dr Samaha’s treatment, I do not clench or grind my teeth anymore. Therefore, I am no longer damaging my teeth, my gums and my jawbone. I am also not cracking my fillings or suffering from migraines like I used to. Dr Samaha’s conservative care has drastically improved my quality of life. I am forever grateful for her care. And all of this relief with no medications! That is the best part of all!”

—Mona Deeds, Newport News, VA

“My headaches and jaw pain were so bad I was sure I’d need a second round of surgery for TMJ, until Dr. Samaha came to my rescue with a special little device to keep me from clenching my jaw. Now I’m having far fewer headaches and they’re nowhere near as bad. I know my teeth are in much better shape than they would have been if I’d kept grinding them away.”

—Tracy Meister, RN, Newport News, VA

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment Testimonials

“I always thought I was a sound sleeper, until my daughter was visiting me and told me I was snoring. I was shocked! Then, soon afterwards while at my dental appointment, my dentist mentioned that she was treating snoring and sleep apnea. She said that if I snore, I have a 50% chance of having sleep apnea, (that I might stop breathing in my sleep), a condition which effects the whole body in dangerous ways. It can contribute significantly to high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which run in my family. I told my dentist about my snoring. She performed a very simple exam and expressed concern about what she saw. She said, “Let’s have you do a simple, FDA approved home sleep study with our monitor tonight, just to screen you for the problem.

I was happy to do the test because I have great respect for Dr Samaha’s expertise, but never imagined I would ever be diagnosed with sleep apnea. Sure enough, the very next day we had the results and the Board Certified Sleep Physician who reviewed my test diagnosed me not only with heavy snoring, but moderate to severe sleep apnea! I could not believe it!

Dr Samaha immediately made an appliance for me which was so easy to wear, and after that very first night, I awakened in the morning so refreshed and with so much added energy. I was absolutely thrilled! What a difference, and it lasted all day long. Imagine, I thought my afternoon fatigue was ‘just my age.’ At 77, I can’t believe how much renewed energy I have!

I have been using my dental appliance nightly, and recently had a follow up sleep-study which showed my snoring and sleep apnea is nearly resolved 100% with the easy-to-wear oral appliance Dr. Samaha created for me! I am so happy and so thankful for my dentist. She is always on the leading-edge of EVERYthing!”

—Gina S. Potomac Falls, VA

“I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea a few years ago at the VA Medical Center. They fitted me for a CPAP machine. Wow, was that a crazy setup. There was no way I could get to sleep with that on! So they fitted me with another style. No better. Frustrated and exhausted, with my blood pressure climbing right along with my weight, I had all but given up that I would ever feel energetic or rested again. Fortunately, I found Dr Lisa Marie Samaha and her team who were trained in helping people with sleep disorders and they are right here in Newport News, Virginia!

In communication with my sleep physician, they evaluated and then custom-fitted me with a sleek oral appliance which is so easy to wear. And boy has my life changed! I awaken each day having had fewer sleeping hours, but feeling so much more rested than ever before. I can sleep all night without those constricting, claustrophobic straps, tubes, mask or noise—and without my side to side movement being restricted! I don’t have to take off the contraption when I get up to go to the bathroom, either. And no longer do I have to deal with the horrendous security inspections when I travel thru airports. The appliance Dr Samaha made me, fits in the palm of my hand.

My wife, too, is happier. (And so am I. She is sleeping with me again!) She says I am sleeping more quietly and more soundly without the interrupted, choking and gasping sounds that used to scare her out of her mind!

And I have to laugh—when I travel to visit my daughter, she says I no longer ‘rattle the walls’ at night!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Samaha! You are a great dentist and your passionate desire to offer me the best care possible will surely add years to my life. It has already added happiness!”

—Rev JC Linn, Phoebus, VA

What Other Doctors Are Saying

“Your conviction to better dentistry is second to none.”

—Dr. Tim Hale, MA

“All I have to say that if I were to find out that I have perio, I’d want her to be my treating dentist…period.”

—Dr. Chris Bowman, Dental Insiders Alliance, Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, NC

“Wow, Lisa Marie Samaha is the epitome of a doctor who has dedicated her life to improving the health of her patients—and our profession. And from that knowledge, she is teaching, tracking and researching, helping to share information to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the perio/systemic link for generations to come. She has given with humility her entire life to the betterment of health and beauty, from the inside-out.”

—Dr. Julie A. Dugan, Montgomery, AL

“If I were given the charge of having to re-write the definition of the word ‘passion’ in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, all I would need to write would be simply: ‘see Lisa Samaha’.”

—Dr. Steven Geller, Periodontist, Greenfield, MA

“Thank you Lisa for pursuing your dreams and passions. You truly make this world a better place!”

—Dr. Mary V. DeCicco, Skillman, NJ

General Testimonials

I first sought treatment from Port Warwick Dental Arts because I was looking for a dentist who practiced holistically. Most dentists will tell you that they all practice “holistically,” but what attracted me to Dr. Samaha was the explicit assertion of that fact as a core tenet of her practice.

For over a decade, throughout my 50’s, I had suffered with Atrial fibrillation (A-fib). My symptoms weren’t constant, but they were always there in varying degrees whenever I became, even slightly, dehydrated. They particularly manifested themselves when I consumed alcohol, had insufficient sleep, or consumed artificial sweeteners, but also on any hot summer day playing tennis.

I had recently learned that a person’s dental health and condition could directly cause A-fib when I made an appointment. To be honest, it had been many years since I have seen a dentist or physician, and I thought if her treatment didn’t help with my A-fib, it was high time I see a dentist anyway. Well, after a few visits and fully complying with the plan of treatment recommended by Dr. Samaha and her staff, my A-fib is gone. It took about a month, but the symptoms first lessened in frequency and intensity then disappeared altogether.

The preceding begs the question: Why didn’t I see a physician? Simply put, beyond stitches and setting broken bones, I don’t generally trust them. I don’t trust the medical establishment in its current form in the United States. It’s all about the dollar, selling drugs, and unnecessary surgery.

I am deeply appreciative of the treatment provided by Dr. Samaha and her staff for providing me what I believe is a new lease on life! I am glad I trusted them.

—John Walker

Dr. Lisa Marie is a highly trained, cutting-edge, knowledgeable dentist. She is very proactive in helping me to maintain the optimum health for my teeth and gums. I have been quite impressed with her expertise and willingness to share her vast knowledge. In addition, her office provides the most soothing atmosphere I’ve ever seen in a dental office–it’s spa-like and encourages total relaxation. I’ve actually fallen asleep in the dental chair–watching the koi in the pond, listening to the soothing music, covered in a warm blanket.

—Elise Fee

Dr. Samaha and Port Warwick Dental Arts are a breath of fresh air providing impeccable service and the ultimate in patient experience. The beautiful office with koi pond and tastefully displayed art create a welcoming feeling of calm and warmth unusual for a dental office. Highly recommended.

—John Lee Matney

I have had the opportunity to observe Dr. Lisa Marie on several occasions…during training sessions in her office and during a dental seminar where hse presented a lecture on Advanced Treatment of Periodontal Disease. Dr. Samaha is competent, knowledgeable, and highly dedicated dental professional…with exceptional talent in the area of treating oral infection.

I have worked in the dental profession for over 30 years and have personally observed the work of several thousands of dentists. I can highly recommend her services to both dental professionals and patients alike.

—Christopher Shunn, Centers for Dental Medicine

My experience at Port Warwick Dental Arts has been extremely pleasant. From the moment I entered I felt extremely welcomed and felt at home. Everyone was so pleasant and professional, particularly Dr. Samaha. You truly feel like you are someone special and are more than just an appointment on the calendar. I have been treated with such care and friendliness. I look forward to coming back!

—Jessica M., Newport News

Everyone on the staff is fabulous, I have never been to a medical or dental office where I felt so wonderful. Such kindness, respectfulness and compassion. I love all of them.
I will never forget any of you, especially Dr. Samaha – you have changed my life forever and I can never thank you enough.

Dr. Samaha, you are an Angel; there is no way I could even sit down in a dental chair before I met you. I am very sincere and will recommend you to everyone.

—Donna M. Atkinson

Dr. Samaha and the staff at Port Warwick Dental Arts were absolutely the greatest!  I absolutely love the personal attention and the environment and comfort they provided.  I had consulted the website and researched Dr. Samaha and her work and knew it to be very professional and that she was an artist both in her work and personal life.  However, I was more than thrilled, even though I had high expectations, at the outcome.  It took some effort and Dr. Samaha never hesitated to want to make it perfect even though I was thinking, “this looks great”.  However, she was right and the final result was amazing.  It was funny because my family and friends all thought the temporary teeth were the final product – that is how good she is!  Anyway, I want to say, “thank you” to Dr. Samaha and everyone there at Port Warwick Dental Arts

—Lance, Yorktown, VA

Dear Dr. Samaha, Thank you for this consult. Everyone in your office is friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. Your office filled with artwork is beautiful! When I first met you I knew you had such a God-given talent. How wonderful that you are using this talent to help your patients have a better and healthier life with beautiful smiles. Thanks again,

—Pat H.

“To Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS, and staff. Thank You for your time in meeting with me. Having worked for many years in the medical field, when you come across something extraordinary, I feel it should be acknowledged. Your office radiates such warmth and comfort. From the music playing, to the beautiful décor, to the view of the garden; a sense of calm and ease takes some of the anxiety as to why one might be there. The staff has such a glow and positiveness about them. What a joy it must be for them to work there. Dr. Samaha, I must say having met you was an honor. In the short meeting we had, I feel you have a tremendous amount of compassion about you and truly care about whomever you come in contact with. I will take from my meeting with you as knowing I have just met one of those rare persons in life with a truly brilliant and radiant spirit. Thank you”

—Tara B, Hampton

“Starting from Sunday when I received a return call from the office manager regarding my emergency, until I left Monday everyone I came in contact with was and beyond the call. I am so thankful I came to your office. Thank You for being so kind to me. And I thank God you do not charge by the hour, or for the room. I am so impressed with you all, words cannot express how I feel. I am always greeted with big smiles and warm greetings and it never stops until I leave the office! Great job to everyone that works in this office!”

—Helen S

“I have been going to Dr. Lisa Samaha for dental work for longer than I can remember. I am in my mid 70’s and still have a full set of permanent teeth, some original, some modified, and some created by Lisa from scratch. Unfortunately for me, I grew up with very soft tooth structure. As a young man, I had a mouth full of fillings, so Lisa started with a challenge. I have been impressed that Lisa has maintained her practice on the cutting edge of technology, from laser gum treatments, to implants, to her one hour creation of crowns, etc. She also emphasizes preventive care with the latest concepts available. Whatever the problem, she is on top of the correct solution. If God didn’t give me the best teeth, at least He led me to Port Warwick Dental Arts.”

—Sam, Newport News, VA

“This dental practice is in a realm of skill and care all by itself. It is not enough to say that it is good — Lisa and her team set the standard for holistic and caring dental health providers. Always kind, always teaching and, equally important, always learning. She was our dentist for over twenty years and if we could, we’d fly from Colorado back to Newport News just for our appointments! Lisa – don’t be surprised if we shoe up someday…”

—Eunice McGarrahan

“I was in so much pain when Dr. Samaha got me right in for an emergency root canal the other day—I was really relieved she could take care of me right away. She completed the treatment in no time at all and just like she predicted, I had completely stopped hurting by the next morning. It means so much to have a dentist with the training to handle almost any kind of dental problem! Being able to count on her at a time like that was truly the answer to my prayer!”

—Tracy Meister, RN, Newport News, VA

“Thanks very much for your thoughtfulness as I recuperated from my root canal procedure. Although I experienced no discomfort during or after the procedure, I am elated to know you care about my well-being. Thanks again for checking on me in your usual compassionate manner.”

—Gladys Jordan, Newport News, VA

“Dr. Samaha, all because of your love and dedication to your ‘fine art’ of dentistry (I now understand why you call what you call a ‘fine art’), because of your endless training and teaching I believe I was placed in your hands when my health needed you the most. I was at a point of accepting the fact that I am getting older and things were just starting to break down. Someone anonymously gave me a gift certificate they bid on which you had donated to a silent auction. Because of a lack of funds, I never allowed myself to even consider good dental care, but I had been carrying an infection in a severely damaged tooth. I had already had 4 root canals and was told this tooth also needed one. You agreed to consult with me and try to help. In the past, my dental care was all about putting out fires in my mouth. I only allowed myself to go whenever something hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Okay confession time, when I drove up to your office my first thought was I don’t belong here. I walked in the door and everything was so beautiful. Little did I know I was yet to see theTrue beauty of your practice. I was greeted immediately with warmth and given a tour of the facility (something I never expected nor experienced). Then I met you. I never have been treated by a professional in the medical-dental field with so much warmth and caring. You touched my heart immediately. I had never met a dentist like you and never knew all the options I had until you spent time with me. You spent lots of time with me explaining everything. You showed me how you wanted to treat the cause of the problems, not just put out the fires. Most of all, you made me feel comfortable instead of ashamed.

I knew I was ‘placed’ in your hands.

Your first words to me after examining my mouth was that I had a severe clenching problem. I had been telling dentists that for the last 15 years. They were always in such a hurry I never really knew if they agreed or if there was anything that could be done. You immediately told me about the NTI. You made one for me right away. I immediately got comfortable with it and I haven’t missed a night wearing it. I didn’t know how much damage clenching had caused until you showed me with the microscopic camera. If only I had the NTI 15 years ago I may not have had to have 3 root canals and then loose a tooth because it split right up through the nerve.

At my first visit, you let me stay as long as I could so we could begin treatment. I can’t believe I can say that I wanted to stay at a dentist’s office!

Well you know the severity of the infection in my tooth and I am convinced it was causing me a variety of health problems I have been suffering from. Dr. Samaha, I believe you probably saved my life.

You not only rid me of the infection in my teeth and my gums, but you have made me realize the importance of getting all of me back to the best health I can be, from taking much needed nutrients to joining the YMCA. Thank you! You are truly a light in your profession. I will pray for you and your vision that it may spread into all dentists’ practices.

I will remember your staff and patients in my prayers. Your work goes for beyond what is visible to the eyes.

Again, Thank You. God Bless.”

—Balerie Slye, Toana, VA

“Dear Dr Samaha (aka: Lisa Marie, Dr. Lisa Marie, Lisa Marie Samaha, artist extraordiniare’),

First of all, thank you for putting meback together. It was a distinct pleasure meeting you, and of course yourstaff. A special thanks to Terri for her professionalism and friendly manner.

I especially enjoyed viewing some ofyour paintings. I wish I had taken more time in your gallery.”

—Tom Windham, Annapolis, MD

“I have had LOTS of shots for all the dental work I have had in my lifetime. I KNEW how horrible it felt to get a shot in my mouth…until I came into your hands, Dr. Samaha. EVERY shot you have given me has been totally painless! I have NEVER felt a single one! You are so gentle that even when I TRY to anticipate the horror of the shot, I can’t feel it! It doesn’t matter how hard I try!

You numb me so well that any drilling to be done is a breeze. I can TOTALLY relax in your dental chair! You are the BEST, Dr. Samaha!”

—Debbie Whitmore, Yorktown, VA

“I have been going to Dr Lisa Samaha for dental work for longer than I can remember. I am in my 70’s and still have a full set of permanent teeth, some original, some modified, and some created by Lisa from scratch. Unfortunately for me, I grew up before flouride was understood as a dental boon, and genetically had very soft tooth structure. As a young man, I have a mouth full of fillings (remember the old mechanical drills? I do) so Lisa started with a challenge. I have been impressed that Lisa has maintained her practice on the cutting edge of technology, from laser gum treatments to implants, to her one hour creation of crowns, etc. She also emphasizes preventive care with the latest concepts available. Whatever the problem, she is on top of the correct solution. If God didn’t give me the best teeth, at least He led me to Port Warwick Dental Arts – PTL.”

—Sam Tatum, Newport News, VA

“I’ve always been what you might call a ‘dental wimp.’ Throughout my life, visits to the dentist had always been extremely scary experiences for me. This eventually led to an extended procrastination of seeking dental care, which in turn, resulted in the progressive deterioration of my oral health.

After several years, I was no longer able to ignore what was becoming increasingly necessary, and I ultimately discovered the practice of Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha of Port Warwick Dental Arts. Make no mistake; this is not an ordinary dentist or an ordinary dental practice. The PWDA staff immediately welcomed me in as ‘family,’ they listened to my concerns and thoroughly educated me on the wide spectrum of Dr. Samaha’s practice and philosophy. By the time I met Dr. Samaha in person, I felt like I was meeting a rock star! During my first meeting with her, my anxiety was quickly replaced by an unexpected wave of calm as Dr. Samaha’s confidence, compassion, and professionalism assured me that I was in safe, experienced hands. Throughout my procedures, I was surprised to find myself completely comfortable and totally relieved to have found such great care in my own neighborhood. After years of beating myself up over my own neglect, I was totally accepted and treated with the highest level of respect. I was never made to feel ashamed or embarrassed. And within weeks of meeting her, Dr. Samaha had made my own disease a thing of the past. It was truly amazing!

In the short time since I joined the PWDA family, Dr. Samaha and her amazing team members have become very important people in my life. When I walk into the office, I feel like I’m visiting friends rather than going to the dentist; I am treated like a member of the family as opposed to being ‘just another patient.’ Whereas I used to fear visits to the dentist, I now look forward to them! Upon entering Dr. Samaha’s beautiful office, I feel warm and comfortable, not cold and scared like in my past experiences with dental offices.

I stand as flesh-and-blood testimonial to Dr. Samaha’s ability to transform lives through her comprehensive, ‘whole body’ approach to dentistry. She not only took care of my dental disease, but guided me to living a more healthy life through wiser dietary choices. Regardless of where in the world I may eventually reside, I will never have another dentist; no distance is too great to travel for the care I receive at PWDA. And although her impressive reputation may precede her, it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of getting to know this wonderful human being, artist, and healer.”

—Geno Seay, Newport News, VA

“I’m Elise Fee, a Consulting Hypnotist and Life Mentor. And as a former patient of PWDA who moved to southwest Utah two years ago, I must confess I haven’t found another practice that compares. It sounds silly to say “I miss my dentist,” but it’s true.

Dr. Samaha embodies the art of living life to the fullest, seeing possibilities where others see the mundane, and bringing her best to whatever she undertakes. She has taken the art of dentistry to new levels and truly models what Jonathan Swift meant when he said, ‘Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.’

I never knew I could relax and feel comfortable in a dentist’s chair, until I experienced the environment and care at PWDA. When Steve Martin said, ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you’—he must have been referring to Dr. Samaha’s dental practice!

Whoever thought of blankets, warm neck wraps and protein shakes, an art gallery and a koi pond? It’s beyond what one would ever expect…and it inspired me. If Dr. Samaha can take the mundane business of dentistry and make it glamourous and exceptional, just think about the possibilities that exist for other professions!

I enjoy being inspired, and that’s why Dr Samaha and the entire team of PWDA appealed so much to me.”

—Elise Fee, Southwest Utah

This was my first visit and I was extraordinarily impressed- with the beautiful tranquil facility, the truly exceptional customer service, the attention to detail in virtually everything, and the holistic approach to dental medicine! Wow! I’m SO GLAD I made a call to your office!

—Doris Thomas, Haampton

It was a great visit, especially since most people don’t look forward to going to the dentist. I appreciate the clean and calm environment and friendly staff. But most of all, I appreciate Dr. Samaha’s understanding of my financial realities and can focus my needs within those parameters. Thank You.

—Bev H.