Doing Good

Doing Good in the Community

dr-samahaDr. Lisa Marie Samaha, a nationally recognized cosmetic and reconstructive dentist, has created beautiful, healthy smiles for Hampton Roads since opening her practice in 1982.

Dr. Samaha and her exceptional team have assisted in the creation of a unique practice which attracts a clientele who appreciate their comprehensive, personalized, and holistic approach to dental care. She and her team enjoy partnering with their patients on the rewarding journey towards “BEST” dental health and its favorable consequence—improved well-being and total wellness.

Dr. Samaha is internationally published and esteemed as an educator and top clinician. She is respected as an expert on the mouth/body connection. After nearly four decades of research and development, and countless seminars for various medical professionals throughout the world, Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha brought this movement back to our own Hampton Roads community. Joining forces with local media outlets, various non-profit organizations, local universities, and the top medical facilities in our area, she launched a health initiative that is felt by every inch of our community.

The goal of this initiative—to increase the health and wellness of our entire community—is one that Dr. Samaha meets with commitment and determination. With the support of other local medical professionals in our community, this evolution of healthcare as we know it will save countless lives and trigger a movement that reaches every corner of the world.