Levels of Care

We are so grateful for your interest in joining our PWDA family. We have listened to our community and have learned that not all individuals desire the same level of dental care. Therefore, we offer levels of care, one of which we hope feels comfortable for you. You are welcome to move to a higher level at any point. Many of our patients begin at Level 4 or 5, Comprehensive Dentistry. Please let us know your preference early, so we know how to best serve you as we begin our relationship. One thing is certain—compassionate and quality care will be our constant, no matter what level you choose. We look forward to listening to your concerns and partnering with you to attain the level of health you desire.


People in crisis or with an emergency problem such as pain, swelling, or bleeding who need immediate help. We see urgencies immediately, whenever possible, and hope they will accept one of the continuing care options below once their urgent needs are resolved.


People who want a “consult only” to have questions answered. This includes those who may not want to leave their current dentist but who are interested in the wide range of specialized services we provide.


People who just want a maintenance level of care—like routine cleaning and correction of immediate needs. They are interested in stabilizing their oral health at this time, and might eventually choose to move up to Comprehensive Care. They remain in a holding plan, until they desire to move to a safer, more predictable and comprehensive level of care. People at this level are monitored through regular preventive maintenance visits, as they are aware of the importance of good dental health, and aware of its relationship to total health.


People who want their teeth a lifetime and who value lasting dental care within a holistic approach; however, they need to pace themselves over a longer period of time for personal life circumstances or budgetary reasons. This level of care is identical to Level 5 below, but at a slower pace that generally involves a collaborative, prioritized phased treatment approach beginning with the more pressing issues.

5. COMPREHENSIVE — Total Health Dentistry

People who want their teeth a lifetime and who value a holistic approach to dental care. They want to partner with us for a lifetime of optimal, long lasting dental function, esthetics within a total wellness philosophy. They choose to have a comprehensive examination, fully evaluating teeth, supporting tissues (periodontal), airway, and nutritional issues.

People at Levels 2, 4, and 5 are often interested in services such as Advanced Nutritional Counseling and Health Testing, Dental Implants, the Pinhole technique—minimally invasive treatment of Gum Recession, Custom Dentures, Short Term Orthodontics, Myofunctional Therapy, elimination of Snoring, as well as effective, conservative options for the treatment of Sleep Apnea. Levels 2, 4, and 5 interface closely with our hygiene department before, during and after treatment, as patients understand the critical importance of maintaining sound dental health as it supports their total health and well-being.