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After researching the benefits of holistic dentistry, Hampton Roads patient Charles Wornom was happy to find a holistic dentist in Newport News.
Charles Wornom Actual Patient of Dr. Samaha

When you think of dental health, you probably are thinking of just teeth, mouth, and gums. You may think of all the times you’ve been reminded to brush and floss and that is it. Brush and floss and you’re fine. But this is only partly true.

Dr. Samaha is a premier global leader in the dentistry movement that is known as the oral-systemic link, which refers to the connection between the health of your mouth and your body, and is focused on natural, conservative means of healing. Port Warwick Dental Arts uses this holistic practice concept in the way custom-designed treatment plans are formulated. This concept is also referred to as biological dentistry, and practitioners may be referred to as biologic dentists.

Dr. Samaha has also had decades of training in integrative and functional medicine, to include advanced nutritional physiology. This knowledge benefits each patient cared for at Port Warwick Dental Arts.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry means that your dentist will give you suggestions and treatment that can affect your overall health, not just your dental health. A biological dentist, also known as a holistic dentist, operates according to the belief system that your teeth are an integral part of your body and hence your overall health. Biological dentistry recognizes that your oral and dental health can have a major influence on other disease processes in your body.

Some of the tenets of biological dentistry, or holistic dentistry, include:

After researching the benefits of biological dentistry, Hampton Roads patient Carita Jester was happy to find a biological dentist in Newport News.
Carita Jester Actual Patient of Dr. Samaha
  • Encouraging proper nutrition that can prevent or reverse degenerative dental disease such as gum disease.
  • Avoiding and safely eliminating the use of toxins from dental care, and not using mercury-based materials for filling cavities. We employ the IAOMT’s mercury-safe “SMART” protocol during the removal of all mercury fillings in our office. Not only are you fully protected during the removal process (when toxicity is at its highest concentration), but the air in our entire office is also free of mercury vapor. Mercury fillings have never been placed at PWDA and our removal process is meticulous.
  • Treating and preventing dental malocclusion; this means bite problems. An imbalanced bite can signal a physical imbalance in the rest of the body. In fact, it can actually contribute to body imbalances since the bite can be thought of as the beginning of the spinal column.
  • Preventing or treating gum disease nonsurgically and at its biological basis, using a multifaceted approach such as an easy home care regimen, targeted nutritional supplementation, non-surgical ultrasonic treatments along with gentle laser therapy—an excellent procedure that can help your gums and soft tissue get healthy quickly and remain disease-free. This approach will also support total health.
  • Evaluating and treating you for breathing issues such as snoring and sleep apnea, in collaboration with a Board Certified Sleep Physician and with a small oral appliance as opposed to a bulky CPAP machine.

The idea of holistic dentistry is simple. Healthy mouth, healthy body. Healthy body, healthy mouth.

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