Laser Dentistry

Erika Chesson
Actual Patient of Dr. Samaha

Periodontal Disease and Laser Dentistry

At Port Warwick Dental Arts, we have been providing successful periodontal treatment for our patients since 1982. We have invested tremendously in the technology, research and education to provide you with a unique and profoundly effective protocol for the thorough diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. As a result of our dental laser therapy, nutritional program, and home care regimen, our patients are now able to experience earlier diagnosis, more success, and more stability in the treatment of their periodontal disease.

The addition of laser dentistry into our periodontal therapy protocol has allowed for tremendous success in nonsurgical periodontal treatment.

  • By sterilizing tissue, the dental laser kills bacteria and vaporizes cell remnants and toxins, preventing them from spreading through the bloodstream, thus protecting the rest of the body from these harmful substances.
  • There is no risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria formation.
  • Regeneration of gum tissue attachment can form and new bone can grow.
Actual Patient of Dr. Samaha

With our periodontal program, your gum disease will resolve more predictably and your tissues will remain stable for longer periods of time between professional appointments. This will reduce your dental expenses and medical health needs in the long run by enabling your periodontal disease to be controlled in the quickest and safest manner. Once thought to be an incurable disease, periodontal disease often can be successfully controlled when coupled with our state-of-the-art protocol which includes the use of an extremely gentle dental laser, as opposed to other more aggressive forms of surgical therapy.

With laser dentistry, our success with periodontal treatment typically occurs in an unusually painless, bloodless, safe and swift manner.

Although dental laser therapy in combination with the other aspects of our program is highly successful, all periodontal disease cannot be eliminated in all patients. You can be assured, however, that the predictability of our protocol will help you achieve tremendous success.

For more information on laser dentistry and how a dental laser can play into periodontal treatment, call our Hampton, Virginia area office today.