The Mouth is Connected to the Knee Bone!

Categories: Dental Health

It’s an often-forgotten fact that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body.

When this simple little truth is forgotten, it skips your attention that it’s part of the whole.

You use it to smile, to laugh, to speak and communicate with someone else. It’s a place to put on your lipstick!

It is a place to kiss your lover, or blow out the candles on your child’s birthday cake.

If you have a serious health issue, your mouth knows it (even if you can’t see it).

Your mouth and its well-being, is related to your overall health. It is, for sure, a part of your body, and if staying healthy is important to you,

It CANNOT, and should not, be ignored.

You don’t really need a new year to start getting healthy; you can start each DAY with that in mind–a walk, or wholesome not-stuffed-with-sugar food, meditation, by throwing that cigarette away.

You can also start each day with a deep breath . . . . and a bright smile!

Life is short. Smile more.