Unveiling the Health Hazards of Mercury-Filled Amalgams: Safeguarding Your Oral and Overall Well-being

At Port Warwick Dental Arts, your dental health and overall well-being are our top priorities. As a mercury-free and mercury-safe practice, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of care that considers both aesthetics and your health. Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS, an esteemed expert in cosmetic dentistry, sheds light on the potential dangers of mercury-filled amalgam fillings in this enlightening article.

The Arthritis Connection: New Research Sparks Concern

Recent research from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) has raised awareness about the potential link between dental amalgam fillings and arthritis. These silver-colored fillings, composed of approximately 50% mercury, are still used in the United States, particularly in vulnerable populations.

In a significant study conducted by researchers David and Mark Geier, a compelling relationship emerged between the number of dental amalgam filling surfaces and arthritis diagnoses. Their findings highlighted that incidences of arthritis tend to peak among adults with 4 to 7 dental amalgam filling surfaces. Each tooth consists of five surfaces, meaning even a single filling could involve up to five surfaces.

The SMART Mercury Removal Technique: A Safer Approach

Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha provides the highest standard of care for her patients. She employs the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocol to ensure the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings. This innovative approach is designed to minimize the risks associated with mercury exposure during the removal process.

Under the SMART protocol, specific measures are taken to reduce the release of mercury vapor and particles. These measures include using a rubber dam to isolate the tooth, providing patients with a nose piece to breathe oxygen, and utilizing a highvolume suction system to capture mercury particles. Dr. Samaha’s commitment to patient safety is evident in every aspect of her practice, from consultation to treatment.

FDA’s Insights and Warnings

In September 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged the risks of dental amalgam fillings for susceptible groups. Although arthritis wasn’t explicitly mentioned, the FDA emphasized the potential harmful health effects of mercury vapor released from these fillings. The groups advised to avoid dental amalgam fillings include pregnant women, nursing women and infants, children, individuals with neurological diseases, impaired kidney function, and known heightened sensitivity to mercury.

A Commitment to Safety

At Port Warwick Dental Arts, we stand by the conviction that mercury poses potential health risks. As evidenced by Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha’s expertise and dedication, our commitment to your health extends to every aspect of your dental care. We understand the importance of maintaining your dental health while prioritizing your overall wellbeing.

Dr. Samaha’s practice emphasizes the use of safe and biocompatible materials, ensuring that your journey to optimal oral health is met with care, expertise, and a commitment to your overall wellness.

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For personalized care and a commitment to your dental health and safety, trust Port Warwick Dental Arts and the expertise of Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS. Contact us today to learn more about our mercury-free and mercury-safe approach, schedule your consultation, and explore the SMART mercury removal technique. Your well-being is our priority.

At Port Warwick Dental Arts, we invite you to embark on a journey toward optimal dental health, aesthetic excellence, and overall wellness. Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha’s dedication to your well-being, along with our mercury-free and mercury safe philosophy, ensures that your smile transformation is rooted in both care and expertise. For more information about the health hazards of mercury-filled amalgams, our commitment to providing safe, biocompatible alternatives, and the SMART mercury removal technique. Together, let’s prioritize your smile and health for a brighter, more radiant future.

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