A Beautiful Smile Lights Up A Room

“People are drawn to a beautiful smile. It lights up a room, it draws people in,” says Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha.Cosmetic Dentistry in Hampton Creates Beautiful Smiles

It is this belief that drives the overall vision for Port Warwick Dental Arts. So why is PWDA unique? Patients know the reasons and love to tell their stories. They  value the PWDA commitment to excellence, its personalized, comprehensive approach to dental medicine, and its guiding philosophy that blends oral and holistic health with the natural beauty of our smiles.

The creation of a healthy smile can be life-changing. Betty Puryear of Newport News says, “I think I look beautiful for the first time in my life! Most of all, I am more beautiful than ever for my husband. And my new smile looks so natural. No one would ever know…Since Dr. Samaha treated my periodontal disease, I feel younger and more energetic and I smile all the time which is wonderful – because I love to smile!”

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Samaha knows that having a beautiful smile is vitally important to our sense of confidence and emotional health. And the influence of oral health on total physical health cannot be overstated. “Research throughout the world has yielded thousands of studies linking periodontal disease to heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, infertility and serious pregnancy complications,” says Dr. Samaha. Just how important is it to take care of your oral health? “Periodontal disease is the most common undiagnosed and untreated disease in the world,” Dr. Samaha says.

The numbers reflect a serious problem— research shows that approximately 80 percent of the U.S. population has periodontal disease. Though 50 percent of Americans visit their dentist regularly, only 10 percent are being diagnosed, and only 1 percent are actually being treated. Dr. Samaha’s care meets the needs of young and old alike, and the importance of oral health does not diminish with age. Systemic disease and breakdown of teeth and periodontal tissues often accompany aging. Dr. Samaha and her team are committed to enhancing their patients’ overall health and well-being through one-on-one, personalized attention.

Call our Hampton area practice today to receive professional, compassionate periodontal treatment. You will be sharing your healthy, beautiful new smile in no time!