Is Your Snoring Killing You?

Is Your Snoring Killing You?

Snoring is something we often make fun of in our society. Loud, gurgling noises occur all night long. But it isn’t funny to the person trying to sleep next to you. And what it’s doing to your body is not funny either. This is because it may be killing you, just slowly. The whole nighttime ordeal can be quite unsettling, even scary, for a bedmate, especially when you stop breathing!


Hampton Periodontal Disease

While some say your smile is an outward expression of your inner value… the health of your smile is also related to your overall health. Periodontal disease can result in adult tooth loss, inflamed, receding or bleeding gums and bad breath… It is also linked to serious medical conditions, including heart attack and stroke, high…

A Beautiful Smile Lights Up A Room

Cosmetic Dentistry in Hampton Creates Beautiful Smiles

“People are drawn to a beautiful smile. It lights up a room, it draws people in,” says Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha. It is this belief that drives the overall vision for Port Warwick Dental Arts. So why is PWDA unique? Patients know the reasons and love to tell their stories. They  value the PWDA commitment to excellence, its personalized, comprehensive approach to dental medicine, and…

"What on This Earth Are We Actually Watching?"

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Have you ever been in a dental chair during your routine exam and heard your dentist say to the assistant, “Let’s put a watch on that tooth.”  Well, think about it: Does a food trap get better on its own? Do cavities into the dentin actually reverse themselves? Does a crack or fracture in a…

Straight Teeth By Summer – Six Month Smiles In Newport News

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Cosmetic Dentistry In Newport News

Will Six Month Smiles ® work for me? Six Month Smiles ® is mainly for those who wish to cosmetically enhance their smile as opposed to those who need major bite or jaw realignment. Can I afford Six Month Smiles ® braces? Six Month Smiles ® typically costs less than other types of orthodontics. Our Newport News cosmetic…

Sweeten Your Smile… With the Sugar, Xylitol

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Cosmetic Dentistry Newport News

Dr Lisa Marie Samaha and Nancy Heath, RDH   You’re a Dentist. What in the world are you suggesting?  That might sound like the craziest thing you have ever heard a cosmetic dentist and hygienist tell you. But you read it right. The sugar, xylitol, is poised to replace fluoride as the greatest (and safest)…

How Kissable Are You?

Periodontal Treatment Newport News

Gum disease could prevent your pucker! Do you know what it takes to be certified kissable? Even if your smile looks healthy, there’s a good chance you have gum disease lurking. Scientific research shows that up to 80 percent of the adult population has some level of periodontal disease – and only 10% know it.…

The Gentle Dental Laser – Comfortable, Quick-Healing Treatments In Hampton

Laser Dentistry Hampton

With the rapid advancements in dental technology, we are able to treat many conditions more conservatively and more gently. As you may know, at Port Warwick Dental Arts, we are constantly researching scientifically-proven opportunities for enhancing and even improving our patient care. We invest heavily in technology and the education required to master that technology.…