Overdue For A Visit With Your Cosmetic Dentist? Time To Call!

Cosmetic Dentist Newport NewsWe schedule your preventive dental care visits based on what keeps your smile at its best. We hope to see you often enough to diagnose and treat any problems, and to take preventive action – usually once every three to six months.

If you brush and floss regularly and don’t have any tooth troubles, you may be tempted to bypass your appointments- please don’t!

We want the opportunity to spot problems and provide treatment early when the need is more conservative and less costly for you. Only a dentist is trained to spot potential problems and provide treatment. Remember, periodontal disease is silent until its middle to late stages. A regular checkup includes a screening for small problems that might become big ones, including signs of periodontal disease, decay, tooth infections, weak restorations, and oral cancer. We’ll do a thorough cleaning, remove plaque, and answer questions. We will also update you on all the exciting new opportunities available in cosmetic dentistry – always do! If you are overdue for your preventative dental care, please call us. Regular appointments are a good longterm investment in your health and are less expensive, less invasive, and less time consuming for you than restorative dentistry!