Focusing on Total Health

“My story began about a year ago when I started experiencing severe mouth problems. I had always thought my teeth were fine; a bit coffee stained, but solid. To this point, I had always brushed every day (usually twice). I had never had a cavity. Then some of my teeth just began to become loose, and fall out. I began seeing a local dentist, but for a variety of reasons I did not feel comfortable with him, and started to look for a new dentist.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Periodontal Disease, which, as Dr. Samaha explained, was affecting not only my mouth but my overall health. I had very serious bone loss in my jaw, and the infection associated with it was literally poisoning my entire body. Dr. Samaha carefully and completely reviewed with me the options, and suggested treatments. While she concurred with my prior dentist that I would require some extractions, she held the belief that some of my teeth could be saved. This bit of good news still left me a bit frightened about what I imagined was going to be a long and difficult but necessary procedure.

We have come a long way in short while, the Doctor and I, and we are not at the end yet, but I have full confidence that we will succeed in repairing my dental issues. She has already improved my overall health in extraordinary ways. Thank you, Dr. Samaha!”

Geoffery DeLara

Radio Station Announcer

Gloucester, Va