Live Securley with Fountain of Youth™Dentures!

Do your dentures cause you embarrassment and pain? They may be loose and even hurt badly enough that you don’t even wear them. Some dentures float and lift, causing sore gums because they rock and food traps underneath them. Other dentures cause a lisp or a click during speaking or eating. Worn-out or “economy dentures” may cause you embarrassment and discomfort. These are the kind of dentures that can give dentures a bad name.

What do you mean by “Fountain of Youth™ Dentures?” When Port Warwick Dental Arts creates Fountain of Youth™ Dentures for you, you will look years younger – like you’ve had a facelift! And best of all, no facial surgery is needed. Sound pretty amazing? It is – and artist/dentist Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha and her Lab Assistant have been providing them for years. In fact, Port Warwick Dental Arts became the first practice in Virginia (and one of the first in the world) to be trained in this technique. At Port Warwick Dental Arts, Dr. Samaha has been creating beautiful smiles since 1982, to include custom-designed dentures. Often many hours of appointment time and try-ins were needed in order to accomplish what we can now do in a fraction of the time with the Fountain of Youth™ Denture technique. Now, these custom-fashioned dentures can be yours, often from start-to-finish, in a matter of a few hours of relaxing appointment time. With this technique, we are able to quickly determine where your teeth would have ideally been located when you were in your twenties or thirties. We will listen to your desires and create a new, refreshed smile that looks natural and feels comfortable.

Why do people who lose teeth often look so old, so fast? When a person loses all of their teeth and gets a set of dentures, jaw bone has already been destroyed. Many times the cause for the bone loss is periodontal disease. Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the gums and the jawbone. This common and aggressive disease can cause drastic bone loss. Uncontrollable infection can set in, and teeth become loose and must be removed. When the jaw bone is eaten away as a result of the gum infection, the roots of the teeth no longer have any “soil” to dig into. Gum disease is the number one reason people loose teeth. Even if you don’t have bone loss before you get dentures, bone loss is natural after you get dentures. This is because after teeth are lost, the jaw bone is programmed to disappear. Eventually, you will get a “sunken-in” face. Your chin and your nose will get closer together as your face begins to collapse, aging you rapidly. Fountain of Youth™ Dentures help to restore the soft facial tissue and recreate the lost jaw bone. Fountain of Youth™ Dentures support the face the same way your natural teeth and bone supported your face many years ago.

What if my bone loss is so severe I no longer have a ridge on which to place the dentures? Great news! The Fountain of Youth™ Denture technique will still be successful for you. In fact, the loss of the jawbone will be minimized by the Fountain of Youth™ technique, which includes a specific plan to help preserve your bone. Other options might include nutritional support, grafting and/or implant placement for those who have or are in danger of severe bone deterioration. If your bone loss is extremely severe and your ridge is not stable enough to hold any denture in place, Dr. Samaha is also experienced in the placement and restoration of dental implants; small titanium posts which are gently placed in your jaw bone and snap onto a tiny attachment inside your denture. The denture will fit securely, no longer rocking or slipping while eating or speaking. Voila’! You not only have a beautiful smile, but you can eat nearly anything you want!!

The smile of my dreams? One thing is for certain, Fountain of Youth™ Dentures are not a passing craze. Your Fountain of Youth™ Dentures will be as close to the “real deal” as anything you can imagine. Just call us today to schedule a consultation.