Is Your Smile Ready For The Camera?

Let your smile shine this summer … with the KöR™ Whitening SystemTeeth Whitening Hampton

In our hearts, we are always ready for the excitement and social events that warm weather brings. Let our cosmetic dental team turn anticipation into dazzling results in time for that June wedding, prom or graduation by booking your spring smile update! Scheduling ahead is a must if you want your smile to blossom in time for any planned occasion. As weddings, graduations, and other photofilled events approach, you will want to call for an appointment as soon as possible. We want you to have time to enjoy the process – to consult with us to ensure that your terrific updated look is exactly what you want.

Be prepared and smile for the camera – with confidence! The KöR™ Whitening System produces the deepest whitening with the least sensitivity and is considered to be the most reliable and effective teeth whitening system ever developed! Since we began using the KöR System, we haven’t looked back. We are always striving to stay at the forefront of technique and we are very proud to offer this system to our family of patients. So, if you’re too embarrassed to smile, have dark-stained teeth, or just simply want a whiter smile, the excellence of KöR Whitening is just what you might need. Other transformative techniques like Six Month Smiles® (quick orthodontics for adults), bonding, cosmetic veneers, dental implants, and even a gum lift can completely rebalance and enhance your smile. Don’t wait for the camera to find you – Call or click today for more Cosmetic options –after all you deserve a smile worth smiling about!