Monkey See… Monkey Do?

Categories: Dental Health

Female long-tailed macaque monkeys in Thailand have been observed teaching their young how to use strands of hair to clean between their teeth. If monkeys can floss, so can you!

If you’re not flossing, you’re missing about a third of your tooth surfaces. Even if you were fasting, you’d still need to brush and floss –  the best way to prevent the buildup of the naturally and constantly occurring bacterial plaque and calculus that can cause gum disease.

There’s definitely a perfect technique for you. You might prefer waxed floss to unwaxed. Floss holders and threaders are handy. Wider floss and dental tape are excellent if you have gum recession and bone loss.

To hone your technique, don’t go to the zoo… come see the cosmetic dental team at Port Warwick Dental Arts near Hampton for a demo! And if you just can’t get the hang of it, tooth picking will do. Just remember to ask us how, so damage doesn’t occur!

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