Yes Please! We Love Your Referrals!

Categories: Dental Health

It’s estimated that an alarming 33% of people who used to keep regular cosmetic dental checkups have not seen a dentist in two years! We know there are many reasons for this, from dental phobia to financial restrictions, to simply not seeing the urgency of maintaining oral health. Whatever the cause, it could prove to be very costly.

Of course, letting small dental problems become bigger ones can lead to greater expense, pain and loss of school or work time. Yet the links between neglected oral health and potentially life-threatening diseases, including diabetes and cancers, can prove costlier.

If you know people in the Newport News area who avoid dental care or who are looking for a restorative dentist, please don’t keep us a secret! Whether they need a regular checkup, periodontal treatment or cosmetic dentistry, we are always grateful for your referrals and we’d love to welcome them! Have them call 757-223-9270  or check out our website at for more information.