Nutrients Benefit Your Dental Health. Why?

Nutritional support is an essential ingredient of our periodontal (gum) disease therapy. Beginning in the 1980’s, Dr. Samaha initiated leading edge clinical evaluations into the positive effects of nutritional supplementation on periodontal disease. Building on success, Port Warwick Dental Arts continues to explore, develop, and innovate in the expanding field of nutritional support.

For those being treated for periodontal disease, we find it is necessary to inorportate pharmaceutical-grade nutrients of the highest quality and absorbability, specifically useful for improving the health of the soft tissues in the mouth. Because the mouth is the home of the most aggressive bacteria and the most delicate tissue in the body, the periodontal tissues possess an extraordinarily high and unique nutritional appetite. We want to reduce pocket depth, bleeding and inflammation. Developed to support the body, high level nutrients can inhibit enzyme release, prevent plaque accumulation, and enhance bone healing and gum tissue regeneration while strengthening and replenishing the immune system.