Treat Gum Recession Through a Pinhole!

Gum recession occurs due to periodontal disease and/or mechanical forces on the gums from clenching, grinding and incorrect tooth brushing. Gums begin pulling away and creeping down the roots of the teeth. When there is no gum tissue over the roots of teeth, there is no bone, either. This makes teeth sensitive to eating and drinking temperatures, even tooth brushing. Eventually, teeth may become abscessed and/or so loose they can actually fall out. Traditionally, the procedure for treating gum recession was surgical gum grafting, which repaired the gums but was a remarkably invasive treatment with painful recovery, involving cutting gum tissue from the roof of the mouth and grafting it over the roots of the teeth.


In the past, gum grafting could take one or two hours for one tooth. Remarkable as it sounds, Dr. Samaha, using the Pinhole Recession Technique™ can treat up to 14 teeth per hour with this gum recession technique. You can make one trip to our comfortable office within Hampton Roads to receive this gum recession treatment, instead of many repeated surgeries to repair gum recession on many teeth. Follow up appointments are quick, painless and easy.


The Pinhole Gum Recession Treatment™ can be the optimum treatment for gum recession. As revealed in the Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, 2012, you can be assured that it is as effective as traditional methods, if not more so.


Whereas the original gum surgery required more hours of time and cutting of the roof of your mouth and your gums, the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ is performed through a tiny pinhole or two. Really. No incisions. No sutures. No tissue cut from the roof of your mouth.


Traditionally, your healing time for gum surgery to treat gum recession would have been two to three weeks. You can typically get the Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™ done and eat dinner comfortably that night!


The gum recession area is covered immediately and looks beautiful right away.

If you have gum recession or some of the symptoms of this problem and are concerned about the pain and extended recovery time from traditional gum grafting surgery, please call our office serving Hampton Roads and the Williamsburg VA and surrounding areas. Aesthetic results are immediate! We are excited to help give you the use of your healthy teeth, mouth and smile in a miraculously short time!