One Of My Favorite Blogs

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Cosmetic Dentistry HamptonLike many of you, I enjoy the growing range of great blogs on the internet, in this issue of our cosmetic dental blog, I would like you to meet my dear friend, Elise Fee, our feature blogger. Elise was a patient of mine until she relocated to Utah, where she lives at the inspiring foot of the majestic red mountains in St George.

Elise went from the highest level of the corporate world, to the more understated yet highly impactful world of life mentoring, helping people achieve their best life. She assists clients in overcoming blocks, self-defeating behaviors and thinking, in re-igniting their dormant passions and interests, in cultivating self-love and self-esteem, in learning how to live peacefully and happily, and in realizing their dreams. And she can even do it over the phone! Elise works with people from all backgrounds, belief systems and religions. She also works with clients individually, in small groups, via women’s circles, and in large group class settings.

I consider Elise one of my dearest friends and I don’t start my day without relishing every word in her blog, delivered to my inbox, effortlessly. Elise’s words are inspiring and soulful, grounded and poetic. I know you will agree. I am encouraging each of you to sign up and receive her daily dose at  (And if you’d like to talk to her about hypnosis or life mentoring services, you can contact her at:

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