Port Warwick Dental Arts Designated a Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute Affiliated Dental Practice

Cosmetic Dentist HamptonCosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha’s 30 year private practice of dental wellness and her work at the forefront of oral/systemic disease has caught the attention of the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute. Dr. Samaha just returned from the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, where her dental practice was honored to become one of their first affiliated dental practices. Both institutions have missions focused on wellness care; through this affiliation, Dr. Samaha’s patients will have an even greater access to total body wellness information.

“The formation of this affiliation could not have come at a better time,” says Dr. Samaha, a Hampton Roads’ general and cosmetic dentist and founder and director of an internationally recognized teaching and research institute devoted to the oral systemic (or mouth/body) connection. “We now have thousands of pieces of scientific research from around the world, confirming the alarming connections between diseases of the mouth and diseases of the body.”

The Cleveland Clinic affiliation will be available to other members of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, of which Dr. Samaha is also a founding member. The purpose of the affiliation is to join dental practices with medical wellness professionals from all fields, in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration. Members will commit themselves to sharing critical, even life-saving information with one another, so that patients can enjoy the resulting benefits of improved general health, healing, longevity and wellness.

“When dentists and physicians work together, medical outcomes will be improved and lives will be lengthened,” says Dr. Samaha. “The medical profession and the public are coming to understand that good dental health can add years to your life, so we will continue to promote this information in every way we can. In addition to our collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, we will continue to join with our local health care professionals in working towards better collaborative care.”

“We’re excited about continuing to work closely with primary care physicians, cardiologists, internists, diabetic specialists, obstetricians, sleep specialists and many more medical specialties,” explains Dr. Samaha. “We are all about opening the doors of communication so that we can contribute to the improved health of our mutual patients. We are committed to making our community a healthier community.”

Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha is owner of Port Warwick Dental Arts in Newport News, VA. She is committed to advancing the dental profession for the benefit of her patients and all patients everywhere.

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