Put Your Fear to Rest with Fountain of Youth™

Are you unhappy the way you look in your dentures? Do they move or make a clicking sound while you are eating or speaking? Maybe it’s time to consider The Denture Fountain of Youth®. When Port Warwick Dental Arts creates The Denture Fountain of Youth® for you, you will look years younger, much like you have discovered the Fountain of Youth. You’ll look much younger—without needing any facial surgery!

Read this from one of our happy patients:

“Let me first start by saying that it was hard for me to embark on the journey of seeking out the dental care that I so needed. Then I was finally at a place in my life where something had to be done. The fear I had within me was overwhelming. It took me weeks of researching the internet to get to where I needed to be. Upon entering her office I knew I was exactly where I supposed to be and that my prayers had been answered. The peace and tranquility that I found there – in the setting, her staff and Dr. Samaha – enveloped me, and all my fears were put to rest.

“In no time at all, my journey of transformation began. My surgery and reconstruction was scheduled right away. Sadly, I was going to lose many teeth and advanced procedures were necessary to save what could be saved. Dr. Samaha has such gentle hands that I thought she had only removed one tooth when in fact she had skillfully finished the entire full mouth surgery AND I left with my brand new smile!! I was in awe. But there I was with new teeth in place of the old.

“The first thing I did was take a picture of myself with my cell phone and send it to my children. They couldn’t believe it either. All of them commented on how beautiful I was. My boyfriend was amazed and actually jealous at how white my new smile was. Soon he became my husband – and a happy patient of Dr. Samaha’s, too! Now I face the world with a smile that shines – one that will NEVER be hidden again! It is such a wonderful and transforming feeling. No longer am I the embarrassed girl with the hidden smile.” Billie Jo Grandy Chesapeake, Va