Six Month Smiles Are Effective and Gentle

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Six Month Smile ™ Braces Effective, Gentle and FAST! Specially designed, nearly invisible, Six Month Smile™ Braces gently reposition teeth for a straighter, more attractive smile. Six Month Smile™ does not correct major bite issues, so they use less force than traditional braces, and cause minimal, if any, discomfort! These barely visible braces are safe, they straighten teeth quickly and help to prevent and resolve periodontal problems encouraged by crowding. And straighter teeth can mean a healthier mouth! Call today and schedule your consultation! Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles in Hampton Roads since 1982.

It’s summer and you want straight teeth by Christmas? Straight teeth for your winter wedding? Believe it. Adults, no need to worry about sporting that teen metal-mouth look for years. With Six Month Smiles®, Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha of Port Warwick Dental Arts in Newport News is able to straighten your teeth in a matter of months, with nearly invisible braces.

“You’ll be done in three to nine months with most patients finishing treatment in six months,” she says. Samaha is a general dentist and one of only about 1,000 dentists nationwide who are specially trained in the process of Six Month Smiles®.

Six Month Smiles®, Samaha says, cannot replace traditional braces for some. It is designed specifically for those age 18 and over, and is used most successfully to:

• Correct crowding

• Round out dental arches

• Close spaces between teeth

• Straighten teeth that are tilted or flared

• Level and align dental arches

For adults whose bite and jaws don’t need to be re-aligned, Six Month Smiles® is a great option for fast track results – and a more appealing smile before your next dental checkup. Six Month Smiles®, using special tooth-colored nickel titanium wires and clear brackets, features a conservative treatment designed to safely and gently straighten your teeth–primarily those that show when you smile, Samaha says.

The focus is on those who desire cosmetic improvement, as opposed to a major jaw and bite realignment, she says. Good news: teeth are rarely extracted, there’s little trauma to the mouth, and minimal, if any discomfort. This is because Six Month Smiles® uses light forces over a short period of time.

More good news: because the clear braces are bonded to your teeth, your compliance, and therefore, your success, is automatic, unlike the “clear align” removable orthodontic trays which are totally dependent upon you wearing them almost 24/7, for up to 2 years. And even more good news: the Six Month Smiles® method is typically less costly than other types of orthodontics. So, how will it go? Simple. Once your braces are placed (about a two hour appointment), you’ll see Samaha every month at Port Warwick Dental Arts so she can check progress, make minor adjustments and refresh your braces.

But these aren’t your teenager’s braces. You won’t have to suffer the ‘metal mouth’ look while you watch for the results. “You have to be closer than two feet away to really notice them,” Samaha says. What’s even more exciting, you could have your new smile completed by the time of your next general dental checkup.

If you are wondering if the Six Month Smiles® orthodontic method is like the “clear align” type of removable orthodontic trays that come in and out of your mouth, the answer is “yes and no”.

“Dentists who have used the ‘clear align’ method in the past are particularly attracted to Six Month Smiles® because the doctor has more control in moving the teeth and also because of the fine detail that can be achieved with the Six Month Smiles® method,” she says. “You can see a need and adjust for it immediately. With clear aligners, it’s sometimes challenging to predict treatment time and the fine tuning is often unable to be accomplished as carefully and efficiently as with Six Month Smiles®.”

Samaha says, “Oftentimes, people look at investing in porcelain veneers in order to have straighter smiles.” As a cosmetically trained dentist, Samaha has been creating beautiful smiles with porcelain veneers for almost 28 years. “Although I still use porcelain veneers frequently, Six Month Smiles® are one-fifth to one-third the cost of using porcelain veneers to straighten teeth, and require minimal, if any reduction of tooth structure. With Six Month Smiles® being typically less expensive than traditional orthodontic methods, the concept is a win-win,” Samaha says.

“Six Month Smiles® uses tried and tested orthodontic materials and principles in an innovative manner,” Samaha says. “This method makes our dentistry even more well-rounded because it opens up new cosmetic treatment planning possibilities for our adult patients that never existed before.”

After your treatment is complete, you’ll wear a retainer to help keep your teeth in place. The retainer can be removable or conservatively bonded to the inside of your teeth where it cannot be seen. Most prefer the latter.

At Port Warwick Dental Arts, where healthy, great looking smiles are created every day, results extend beyond straighter teeth. Samaha says, once your case is finished, she provides her patients with complimentary, custom-fitted whitening trays to brighten their smile for cases begun in 2010.

As an added bonus for those who think braces are only equated with vanity, straighter teeth mean a healthier mouth. “Crooked teeth can cause periodontal swelling and inflammation because the gum tissue is crowded out,” Samaha says, “and because it’s difficult to properly clean teeth when they are overlapping.” So, not only do Six Month Smiles® allow an adult to enjoy a healthy, more youthful smile, they also help to resolve and prevent the periodontal problems encouraged by crowded teeth. Hands down, Six Month Smiles® can be the perfect “quick-turn-around” option for a straighter, healthier and more attractive smile.