Suzie Shares Her Story…

Last week we answered some questions about Six Month Smiles. This week lets hear one patients account of what it is like to have Six Month Smiles and be part of the Port Warwick Dental Arts family…

“Our family has been a part of Dr Samaha’s dental practice for over twenty years.  That statement alone signifies that we feel a part of the Port Warwick Dental Arts family.

As in any “healthy” family, we feel unconditionally loved, accepted, and special because of the individual attention we receive from each of the staff each time we come in PW Dental Arts. The artwork and grounds are serenely relaxing with the guarantee of professionalism.

Our goal as a family was to maintain holistic health practices as much as possible and simply stated, keep our teeth as we matured.  Along those lines, I am grateful that ALL the large, unsightly old mercury fillings are now gone from my mouth. Thanks to Dr Samaha’s advanced Cerec technology, my much-needed crowns, were done in one appointment. That’s huge, in my book!!

Now I’ve gone straight because of Six Month Smiles and I couldn’t be happier!  I had suffered all my life with overlapping teeth that were too big for my mouth. Being over sixty, I couldn’t see two years in orthodontic braces. Six months was so reasonable and it was all so easy. The gentle tooth movement started instantly and my teeth were straight in no time. That was amazing to me! Other doctors had thought I needed to have teeth removed in order to get them straight, but I didn’t. I am so happy I was a patient of Dr Samaha’s and that she was skilled in this special treatment option.

Thank you Port Warwick Dental Arts!”

Suzie Small
Registered Nurse Educator

Yorktown, Va

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