Six Month Braces – Just The Thing To Set Adults Straight!

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Six Month Braces - Just The Thing To Set Adults Straight!

Today in our Port Warwick Dental Blog we are going to answers some common questions we are asked about Six Month Smiles.

Will Six Month Smiles® work for me?

Six Month Smiles® is mainly for those who wish to cosmetically enhance their smile as opposed to those who need major bite or jaw realignment.

Can I afford Six Month Smiles® braces?

Six Month Smiles® typically costs less than other types of orthodontics. Our office actually offers 2 financing options that allow you to make affordable monthly installments.

Will I get a retainer?

Yes! After your treatment is complete, a slim, bonded retainer helps to keep your teeth in place so your investment in your new, straight smile is preserved. The retainer is not visible. Best of all you won’t ever have to think about it again! Let’s just say, “Set it and forget it!” However, if you prefer, a removable retainer can be made instead.

Are there any health advantages to getting braces?

As an added bonus for those who think braces are only equated with
vanity – straighter teeth mean a healthier mouth. Crooked teeth can
cause periodontal swelling and inflammation because the gum tissue is crowded out, and because it’s difficult to properly clean teeth when they are overlapping.

How do Six Month Smiles® compare to Traditional Braces?

Six Month Smiles® uses tried and tested orthodontic materials and
principles in an innovative manner. Traditional braces often take more
than 2 years. Because this is such a quick method, it makes my dentistry even more well-rounded because it opens up new cosmetic treatment planning possibilities for my adult patients that never existed before.
Many times we can save a patient many thousands of dollars in porcelain
veneers by simply putting them in Six Month Smiles® for… well… six months! There are still times when traditional braces are necessary. Typically, an orthodontist would be involved in such cases.

Are the braces really clear?

Six Month Smiles® braces are actually designed with tooth colored brackets and wires, meaning that they literally blend right in with your natural tooth shade.

Does it really only take six months?

Yes, it’s true! And to top it off, we have actually completed cases in as little as 4 months. On a rare occasion, we might need a little additional time.