Saliva And Hampton’s Oral Health

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Hi. I’m Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha. Welcome to my Hampton dental blog. Today we’ll be looking at the complexity and importance of your saliva. Though most people in the Hampton area may think it’s gross, saliva is essential to dental health as well as digestion. Saliva is mostly water, but a small portion of it…

Sweeten Your Smile… With the Sugar, Xylitol

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Dr Lisa Marie Samaha and Nancy Heath, RDH   You’re a Dentist. What in the world are you suggesting?  That might sound like the craziest thing you have ever heard a cosmetic dentist and hygienist tell you. But you read it right. The sugar, xylitol, is poised to replace fluoride as the greatest (and safest)…

Don’t Count On Willpower

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Cosmetic dentist Dr. Samaha would like to share this guest entry written by Dr. June Darling for our January 2012 Newsletter. You can find more of her work here: We can wipe the slate clean. It’s January, a time of new beginnings. You’ll hear people telling you to set goals. Yes, goals are good for…

Spring Clean Your Smile

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You’ve been brushing your teeth all your life, but are you doing it right? For example, did you know that it is better to floss first and then brush? Flossing is just as important as brushing and should be a daily event. And did you know that tooth picking with a round plastic toothpick (Rotopoints…

How Kissable Are You?

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Gum disease could prevent your pucker! Do you know what it takes to be certified kissable? Even if your smile looks healthy, there’s a good chance you have gum disease lurking. Scientific research shows that up to 80 percent of the adult population has some level of periodontal disease – and only 10% know it.…

A Denture Facelift in Newport News! Erase Years Without Cosmetic Surgery

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The Denture Fountain of Youth®is our highly efficient and comfortable technique for replacing missing teeth. This process results in stunning “facelift-like” results. Gum disease, a common and aggressive oral infection that causes destruction of the jawbone, is the number one reason people lose their teeth. After bone loss, the teeth no longer have a support…

What Your Smile Says About Your Health In Newport News

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I’m sure you’ve heard your dentist reminding you to brush and floss daily to prevent cavities and gum disease.  You may have even had some cosmetic or restorative dentistry done to improve the appearance of your smile. However, did you realize that good oral health and hygiene is not only beneficial to your mouth, but…