The Art of Healing

Nutritional support is an essential ingredient of our highly successful and internationally acclaimed non-surgical protocol for treating periodontal disease. Beginning in the 1980’s, Dr. Samaha initiated leading -edge clinical evaluations into the positive effects of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation on periodontal disease. Building on success, Port Warwick Dental Arts continues to develop improved technique in the expanding scientific field of clinical nutrition. For those being treated for periodontal disease, we recommend only pharmaceutical-grade nutrients of the highest quality and absorbability, specifically targeted toward the health of the soft tissues in the mouth. Because the mouth is the home of the most aggressive bacteria and the most delicate tissue, the periodontal tissues (gums and jaw-bone) possess an extraordinarily high, unique nutritional appetite. In support of the periodontal tissues, certain nutrients inhibit enzyme release, prevent plaque accumulation, and enhance healing while strengthening and replenishing the immune system and decreasing bleeding and inflammation.

Why we recommend and use Dental Laser Therapy. Periodontal disease is a multifaceted, inflammatory disease process which involves more than genetics. Dr. Samaha believes that if you have periodontal disease, the first step is to determine the easiest and most efficient manner to treat your disease. Along with targeted nutritional supplementation, gentle dental laser therapy can be used to heal tissue by killing bacteria and encouraging the formation of new, healthy tissue. The dental laser also vaporizes diseased tissue, cell remnants and toxins preventing these harmful substances from spreading through the bloodstream to the rest of the body. There is also no risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria formation. Remarkably, as a result of specialized types of laser therapy, regenerated gum tissue can attach to teeth and new bone can grow around and between teeth.