Distinctive Care For Newport News

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Distinctive Care With Newport News Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthy smile is a precious thing… and at Port Warwick Dental Arts, our distinctive class of dentistry can heal your smile, your body and your soul!

With vast experience in a wide range of dental treatment, Dr. Samaha focuses on advanced cosmetic dental care. As the founder and director of a nationally recognized teaching research Institute on leading-edge periodontal treatment. She has also developed a unique non-surgical periodontal program that is nationally recognized as one of the most comprehensive and innovative anywhere.

Our comprehensive and holistic care also includes dental implants, custom dentures, laser dentistry, migraine treatments, T-M-J therapy, ultra thin porcelain veneers, snoring prevention, sleep apnea treatment and six month smiles, also known as cosmetic braces –a quick way to straighten adult teeth.

Distinctive smiles deserve distinctive care… schedule your consultation today.