Oral Health Could Affect You and Your Baby

Categories: Dental Health

For some time, gum disease, or periodontal disease has been linked to complications of pregnancy including infertility, premature birth, low birth-weight, toxemia, eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Research has strengthened this association by showing that gestational diabetes appears in women with gum disease – even if they don’t smoke or drink. Gestational diabetes usually disappears once the baby is born, but it places you at a greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later on.

So how to prevent gum disease? The best prevention is great nutrition, regular dental care, and thorough daily brushing and flossing to remove the buildup of plaque, the natural biofilm (like the scum that forms on an aquarium or a vase of old flowers) that is always forming on your teeth.

Pregnancy is a time of hormonal fluctuations that can alter the bacterial and acidic balance in your mouth and leave you more susceptible to gum disease. That’s why, during your pregnancy, we may suggest more frequent follow-up than you’re used to. Yet everyone at every age needs to maintain their oral health because gum disease has also been linked to cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, respiratory diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many cancers in the general population.

Another time gum disease rears its head is when women near menopause, and definitely afterwards. No matter what your stage of life, don’t wait until you see the symptoms of inflammation including redness, puffiness, or bleeding gums. Even if you think you are problem-free, don’t skip your preventative visits. Call our Hampton cosmetic dental office today at 757-223-9270. And remember, this is a silent disease until its middle to late stages. A very sneaky disease! We screen for gum disease at every visit… because we like to know your gums are healthy, stable and NOT poisoning your body.